Monday, 3 August 2015

What makes me me

Wishes- To be a professional rugby player.
Dreams of- Going on a rugby tour.
Wants to- Be like Malakai Fekitoa running furiously marking his position.
Wonders about- Being a beast and playing furiously like israel folau.
Fears- Heights.
Is afraid of- Wondering around in the dark.
Likes- To play around.
Believes- That i would make it in into the incredible Waratahs like Israel Folau.
Loves- Playing rugby with strong people.
Plans to- Be a bright rugby player  to be shown.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Being a marine

I woke up with a frustrating alarm going on.I stood up and stretched with a fearful sound coming out off my mouth.The dark started to fade away as i took of to my drills. I loaded up waiting till the targets shows up.As the targets showed up i was scared to shoot.Then my coach yelled furiously at me to hurry up.It was a tough life. I wonder how it would feel to be a marine.